Thursday, February 7, 2013

A little less than perfect

Alright the title is an out and out lie. A shit load less than perfect but making progress and that is essential. Well it is for me, I'm taking suggestions on board and when I notice some undesirable thoughts clouding my mind or impairing my judgement I'm taking a few minutes and asking "is this for my recovery or against it?" quite disturbing how much is against it.

What a massive pain in the arse some things are but they have to be done

And today I've been doing what I need to do today, that's it. That is exactly what I need to do if I obsess about "fixing" the past (you can't by he way it's been and gone only a memory remains) I am likely to continue harming thoughts without even realising it. In an earlier post I claimed that I'd not "run out of steam while there was breath in my body" well it would appear that whilst I may not have run out of steam the well from which it is sourced doesn't replenish as quickly as I'd like. That old saying "give time, time" creeps in and reminds me that I can't have what I want right now but I've been getting what I need and that's good enough (when I sit back and think about it).

As, what seems to be becoming the norm I started this post probably a week or more ago with an idea, a thread that has been completely obliterated in the time it's taken me to get back to writing this. I will try in the future to start a post and finish it within a couple of days. So comes the end of what some may see as a rather pointless waste of internet space but I will waste as much as I like until they start rationing it.