Thursday, March 29, 2012

Regular Posts

Suppose I should start with I got my Visa in time! ! ! less than 24 hours before we were due to fly the Australian immigration people kindly granted my application for a Working Holiday Visa so.......  Fan-fucking-tastic! *edited in after 1st posting* don't think I needed to tell you that but I had forgotten that I hadn't posted a congratulatory post for myself.

Ok so it has been over a week since I last got down to posting and I did say that I was going to take this blogging thing a little more seriously so I will be posting a regular update/post/whatever the fuck you call it every Friday (Australia time) not sure what time on a Friday as I do hope to be working soon.

Well as you may have gathered we made it to Perth (not the one in Scotland) and after finding a place to live, filed for tax numbers, applied for Medicare and settled in a little, the great Australian job hunt began. With me not having been particularly active in the job market for a number of years I do hope that I can find something. The applications and phone calls are fast and furious along side this finding some kind of transport is kind of essential as public transport is pricey. 

I will now have a mini rant about a car I successfully won on a popular auction site. Two whole days ago I won a suitable vehicle on said site and immediately contacted the seller with my details so we could arrange pick up of the car and............ nothing, not a sausage I feel the guy is ducking because the car has a book value of around AU$1700 and I won for the princely sum of AU$310. This I attest is the reason I have been  ignored by the seller who is no stranger to selling as the car has been reposted due to an out of state buyer. I am no out of state buyer I am very clearly instate (and told him so before I even won). Anyway that's not as heated as I might have been but there is nothing I can do about it so mini rant over.

Last week also saw me visiting a CF clinic out here. I was told a couple of doc's from the UK were there and were very interested in knowing where I was from (must be a bit slow round 'ere I think as I'm not that interesting) anyway I saw the usual odd n bods physio, dietitian, nurse, and a doc from the UK I did recognise her but not the name I'm crap with names I was given some extra antibiotics and after being kept waiting for a standard amount of time, for a clinic appointment I was told I didn't need any iv's just yet and so I toddled off all in all 5 fucking hours was spent getting to, from and attending clinic *I NEED A CAR* 
The dietitian was most surprising I guess as I have never really had a great weight, its low I know that but he was like "you are severely underweight and you cant afford to lose any more kgs" he saw the look on my face, I was not impressed as I had lost 2kg but I know that I am not dangerously under weight although he did have a couple of students in and might have been trying to emphasise a point or something for their benefit, cos it definitely wasn't for mine. I'll ask him next week as that is when I have to return to see if these antibiotics have made a difference in my LF.

So I'm still thinking about a little bio post with a little history my story if you will although I must make it clear that I am not my history it is just a series of events that has led me to be who I am now and often the story changes depending on what I may want to emphasise but that's the nature of stories all that matters is who I am now and while undoubtedly influenced by my past I am capable of change and able to shape who I am now in to the person I most want to be.

Right well seeing as my TFN (Tax File Number) arrived yesterday its time to go get a bank account so that when I do finally find employment I can be paid in cash not in buttons or bits of string.

Enjoy the weekend and coming week! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Countdown and tension building

Well after applying for the visa I was informed that I needed a medical and a chest x-ray before my application could be finalised.

After getting back to KK I found a hospital on the Australian list of approved clinics and headed down there. It really was quite an efficient two hours and I was x-rayed, sight tested, weighed, and saw a doc. Not too shabby considering a usual clinic appointment at home can last even longer to just see only two people and have the pleasure of sitting in the same room laidback layabouts. That's just a joke really I know that the team at my unit do a fantastic job and I know that Timothy down in immigration is just doing his job by asking for the extra information and it's my fault for not applying sooner so it serves me right if I don't get it in time blah, blah, blah.

We really are just killing time now until we fly, to pass the time I got myself another rubix cube. I got one back in Dec or was it Jan? anyway I was getting pretty good and could finish it from messed up mess to all colour coordinated in less than 3 n half mins but somewhere along the way I seem to have lost it so back to training along with powerball (as you may know from a previous post it's been having a few issues lately)

Here's just hoping Timothy and the immigration people don't dawdle with the information now that they have it. gonna be slightly stressed if I ain't got it tomorrow and even more stressed if I haven't go it when we stop in Singapore before the Perth leg of the flights!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Led a merry dance...... Best thing to happen

Well after Jack leading me to believe that we had employment here in Labuan, turns out we don't some "help" is on it's way here but they have yet to turn up and I'm pretty sure that some of this help was the help that let him down a few months ago. Well you can't should't trust a lot of people based on what they say to you.

So what this means is that after yet another let down here in South East Asia we're heading to Australia the land of big earnings (well that's what quite a few people have told me) only se7en days now and let the job hunting begin. With no real trade and not being the most physically fit person I don't think it's going to be as easy as many other people find it. Lots of people have had demanding farm jobs which I guess are very physically draining. So I'm looking at almost any other kind of job, actually looking at getting a forklift licence and working in warehouses there seems to be quite a few positions going for that kind of work. It's something different and while I'm sure the inside of a warehouse won't change day by day the job won't be boring for quite some time as it'll all be new to me. Means to an end, means to an end. Quite what that end is I'm not 100% sure but one thing I am sure of is that many ends require cold hard cash and that has to be earned.

So that's the imminent plan we've got a place to stay for a few days once we arrive thanks to that great website couchsurfing. Then it's arrange bank accounts, tax numbers, medicare, ect. All the really boring stuff that just needs to be done after that we can get to exploring a little bit of Perth (that's where were headed first) the itinerary hasn't been finalised but that's what makes it all so exciting, the only certainties are that we will be saving for a camper van so that our travels are not restricted to bus routes as we like to find our own way.

One piece of advice if you ever, ever stay in a place that asks you to take your shoes off at the door (there are many of them out here) TAKE THEM WITH YOU, do not leave them in the rack as I did and have done in many other places but never with my FiveFingers. I thought his place would be safe as not many people have been coming and going but two days ago when I went to put my shoes on the rack was empty and the only person who had left that morning was a Belgian! but really why steal shoes? I'll admit that they are great shoes, a Pair of these set me back a fair few pennies and I was quite angry at the time but can't really hold on to that it's not healthy, not at all. If he didn't have pretty much the same size feet as me they'll be uncomfortable as hell that'll teach learn him a lesson (yes I'm aware it should be teach). Right I'll stop ranting like a drivelling loon, I probably could've gone on much more had I written this on the day as my facebook and twitter feeds will attest to #internationalmanhunt might not have been a wise hashtag but I'm done with it now, I'm over it, can you tell?

So that's that really go back to mainland Borneo today, head back to KL on Thursday then see a few things round there we have yet to visit despite spending quite a lot of time there the past few months and the final flight for awhile this year is, as mentioned a week from today is to Perth. Might even get to squeeze in some sea walking before Thursday as I'm pretty sure SCUBA is out of the question with the coughing that happens occasionally, especially after spending time in air con rooms.

Even managed to get a few links in this post. If you've read any of our previous exploits then you'll know I'm not totally new to this blogging game but by no means am I an expert or even intermediate.

So as the title of this particular set of words suggests a merry dance was probably the best thing to happen to us as it means we are now on our way to pastures new and not hanging around waiting for a job that never was. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Please accept my sincerest apologies about the chopping and changing, shuffling around and general mishmash set up of this blog. I still ain't got used to it all but I'll just keep on keeping on.

Still pondering that history/life story post. Might just make it a separate page as it's not all relevant but just jumping in to someone's life can take a few things out of context n shit stuff so I will be penning a draft which will more likely than not go through several proof reads and edits and re-edits before I am a happy enough for others to view it in all it's debauched, fun loving, tedious, up beat, depressing, exciting, mundane, ordinary (for me) glory!

Fucking hell Blinking heck four posts in a day. I might just be gettin the hang of this lark. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well as recent posts suggest I have been a little hacked off about the work situation. The sea cucumber farm guys have finally gotten back in touch and they wont be around until mid April, pisstaking bastards, so after searching work away again I came across one that we had messaged back in December as the plan has always been to stop and work for a month or two to save enough to get a camper van when we arrive in Oz.

We've sent out a few messages and only got replies from a few, some of which were in Oz so we were really messaging ahead of time but I looked at a place again and a few of the pictures they seemed familiar, the reason for this is that quite unexpectedly we have found ourselves staying the the exact hostel we applied to work in at the back end of 2011, I asked the owner Jack if this was indeed his listing on the site and he said it was and he told me that after a few bad experiences with employing couples he no longer took them on. But after having a chat with him this morning he might be mulling it over as the problems he has had seem to be all situations involving the guy half of these couples getting a little too friendly with the local girls after a few beers argument ensues and he had to politely ask them to leave and seeing as I don't drink any more this won't be an issue he will have to deal with.

Fingers crossed we have found a place to chill out for a bit and coordinate our attack on the country that is Australia.

Hopefully will be far too busy (2-4 hours a day) working in this sleepy, laid back hostel to post many more updates but I will.

I promise.

The Travel Insurance Scam

What is about follow is a rant post I wrote for our previous blog and never posted. After a few months and another round of phoning several companies I am going to post what I thought then after I've written what I think now (not much has changed)

Ok so we all need travel insruance CF or not and after finding a company to cover my last trip, that should've been 6 months but was cut short (not through any health issues) I needed to find some more to cover this jaunt. So seeing as my policy hadn't ended with the company that took me on last time I called them up. I went through the questions and nothing much had changed apart from I was just out of hospital after getting an infected port so if anything even less could possibly go "wrong" if I went away again. Anyway I was told they could not cover me when I asked why I was given a non-commited answer (no answer at all really) and when I pointed out that if I hadn't returned to the UK then I'd still be covered under the policy I paid for. This seemed to baffle the person on the other end of the line so I gave up trying to get answers as I am now setting up shop in the "they make it the fuck up each and every time" camp.

"This post has been inspired by recent events on many CF forums that I contribute to every so often. I am quite sure that this issue litters many a forum that deal with medical conditions.
Now I am aware that most people can just “get insured” but for people who have pre-existing medical conditions it’s a little harder to get covered. Which is vital for peace of mind when you want to get away from it all and just relax or in my case travel around for a while not having that little worry niggling at the back of my brain, the “what if’s” that would eventually drive anyone absolutely bonkers.
I didn’t expect my search for pre-existing medical condition travel insurance to be easy, but it was (thanks to my laid back attitude) a long drawn out process of online form filling to be told at the end of which I’d have to call the company anyway. Then after calling several companies all of which asked the same barrage of questions (don’t get me wrong I know that they have to ask these questions in order to assess if I’m insurable or not) time and again to hear almost each and every time “yes we can insure you……… just not your CF” there was always a pause giving me a little glimpse of hope before the second part of the sentence which made me loathe insurance companies all the more that’s if it wasn’t a flat out refusal. So not none of them could or would cover my CF. What struck me is the way it was phrased “just not your CF” like it was an optional extra I had decided to take along with me. This didn’t really ‘click’ with me at the time but after thinking about it it’s quite insulting as my condition isn’t an optional extra it is part of me so saying that they can insure me but not my CF means that they cannot insure me as it is an integral part of who I am.
I tried many companies suggested by the CF Trust in the UK and on the forums. Which seemed to welcome people with pre-existing medical conditions as the forums suggested almost anyone could get cover from a week by the beach to a few months working in the US. When I asked the person on the end of the phone “why?” all I got was stonewalled and a similar spiel every time. So when I finally found cover the cost was irrelevant as they were the first company to accept me in from the cold of the uninsurable no-man’s land in which I found myself and others. As mentioned somewhere near the start of this post there is no price for piece of mind and sure the cover I finally got doesn’t insure me for some of the activities that I’d like to do but there will be other opportunities to paraglide or as I recently found parahawking. Maybe less chance to try the latter outside of Nepal but I may return just for one more chance"

So that's that. One massive scamola! and a pretty insulting one at that. 


Broken Heart..................

well a broken Powerball actually but thought that title might entice a few readers, having found out that I now have two followers of this (until recently neglected) blog. Back to the powerball it's just a ball which I use for lazy exercise (that's right my first oxymoron) well not just a ball but you've got the internet at your fingertips so if you wanna know more google it.

I am lamenting the death of my most enjoyed exercise device and whilst travelling my only one, it got wet a few days ago and after moving around I dug it out and decided to have a go....... I wound it up and started, well tried to it just stopped. After a few attempts and a little consoling from Rahrah (that's my long suffering partner(only suffering being with me)) I was not going to let this lie as I have no idea of when I'll be able to replace it so a quick search and I tentitively took it to pieces and cleaned it up inside, it was so grimey dunno how it's been spinning freely with all that muck in there. So now I was confident my exercise toy was resurrected I wound it up and............. same. "it's FUCKED!!!!!" I said (I swear..... a lot) and disassembled and reassembled it a few more times and it seems to now work when it feels like. Better that than not at all and hopefully will last until I can replace or really mend it.

Being motivated to exercise at home isn't always the easiest, I dropped off from going the gym last oct/nov after I had my inFLUenza jab just felt like rubbish crap for a few days then all my previous motivation had evaporated, so I was more determind to keep up some sort of activity whilst travelling and Powerball was it, along with hauling my backpack (a good 15-16kg depending on which airport you ask) hither and thither mostly full of copious amounts of drugs medication (all legal n above board) and hardly any clothes and we picked up a skipping rope but after trying that a few weeks ago I've opted to give that a miss for a while ( I do need some cardio though) anyway where was I....

Oh yeah motivation that was it so now finding that job seems even more important so I can settle for a few weeks and find a gym, get a routine (not that I ever had one before but I've heard good things about them) get stay well, well well enough to keep away from the UK. Don't get me wrong I love where I'm from but it gets a bit samey doent it? I found an insurnace company that said they'd cover me (including CF, I have a little trave linsurance rant I'll post in a few) for up to 18 months yeah you read that right EIGHTEEN FUCKING MONTHS a whole year and a half away, travelling, working, exploring, experiencing and living a life that I think one day might not be possible.

The last few days weeks lots of talk of the future has been bandied around between the two of us and I have to accept that one day I might not be able to get to these places, well not easily anyway, so 18 months is a massive chunk of time to see and do many things.

Thinking I may have to do a sort of bio/life story post sooner or later but I'll mull that over and if it appears then you'll know the decision I came to (that's anticipation for ya right there) but bear in mind that my history is just a story I tell to let you know how I got to where I am now

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Horizons

I think a central justification will be how I sausage roll from now on, makes me feel like what I'm writing is more important than it probably is.
Well it has been some time since I decided to start this travelblog and I haven't really committed have I, I have started many posts whilst on the move on my phone but then the moment passes before I have WiFi access and I delete it. Since I was last blogging I have had a few ups and downs but things are starting to move forward and I can see the new horizons ahead. Travelling through Borneo looking for work as the guy who said he'd employ us hasn't been in contact so as frustrating as it is we need to search for something, anything and have had a few ideas, offers and sent out a few emails. So fingers crossed one of those avenues bears fruit. 
A few weeks ago I was in a national park in Sarawak, the day before we had stopped on the walkway to the trails because we saw a bearded pig in the mangroves then we spotted fiddler crabs and being the amateur photographer I wanted to get a little closer for some good shots, this wasn't the time though as we had a trail to tackle and tackle we did. The "waterfall" was so not worth the hours trekking up and through forested tracks but the beach a few hundred meters further on (a few extremely steep meters further on I, not might add, I DO add) did make the whole sweaty experience worth it and also the bumpy to fuck, expensive and slightly scary boat ride back to park HQ this is what conspired against me getting the close ups of those crabs so I was determined to get there before we left the next day. 
Did the torrential, tropical storm stop me? No because while I might not be a professional I like to get a job done and whilst crouched low in the mangrove near the high walkway we wandered down the previous morning waiting for the little bleeders to exit their holes in the sand. I waited and waited and then waited some more until eventually they slowly came out to feed or fight or whatever else they wanted to do until........... yep I coughed an almighty cough and scared the gits right back where they'd emerged from, so I waited and waited and you get the picture but eventually I did manage to get a few good snaps before coughing again and just as I was thinking about leaving a park warden or ranger (whichever) who was leading a group along the walkway asked me in an accusatory or inquisitive manner depends on how you look at it if I was down there, in the mud, "conducting research" I mean really a skinhead with flowery shorts, a camera and flip-flops conducting research. I wish I was quicker off the mark and had brashly replied in the affirmative but I was not and I was told to leave the area as it was not for visitors to the park. Seems pretty silly to have a national park fenced in then tell people that whilst you have paid to get on to this side of the fence you still can't actually go everywhere within that fence, anyway at least they didn't ban me for life because I might want to go back one day and see their non-waterfall again or the nob-faced/proboscis monkeys (I didn't manage to get a pic of one of them yet)

It may have come to your attention (and if it hadn't I am bringing it to you now) that half way through I changed back to the more traditional left justification, central justification may, I think, look more important but when only one or two words are left hanging in the middle of the page it just looks rather silly so I'm sticking with tradition on this front from now on.

As I started this post looking for work I'll finish it by mentioning that I just checked and none of the avenues have fruit yet, let alone ripe enough to pick.

Happy trails to anyone who happens to read this.