Friday, April 27, 2012

Lazy Blogging (or How I start posts and forget to post them)

I wrote that Mr Valentino post when I was in hospital. I was in for a few more days after that post was originally written but I managed to escape and since then I've had two more interviews. Neither of them have been successful although I did get through the initial stage of a group interview it's just me personally on a one to one basis that lets me down, the second interview was with two interviewers (not as daunting as I imagined) but again did not get the position. 

It really must just be me because in each of those interviews an English person conducted it one was even from Bury the black pudding munching waster so employers are not xenophobic they appear to be far from it with almost every interaction whilst in hospital and in retail places being with an expat I must just be one of the unemployable  unlucky ones which is a bit of a fucker really seeing as I can;t wait to start earning. I know I need to "sell" myself better and show this eagerness outwardly during that most vital of moments the interview! 

Will I ever be "the best man for the job"? I seriously bleeding hope so and soon as previously moaned about this place is kinda on the expensive side. I really want to start enjoying things a little bit more and by that I mean getting out and exploring this place, that for now, I'm calling home. This does need employment as public transport is incredibly expensive (another moan I think) and vehicle ownership is a definite non starter without an income. Even fully employed real adults are running back to mum for some spends I really do hope that isn't me when I'm in my 50's quite an embarrassment (well for me it would be) and I'm only guessing my landlord is in his 50's he might be younger but the sun has ravaged his skin and from the stories he tells he's had a full, illegal, not always fun life.
But seriously I can't let repeated failure to get a job get me down it's all those employers loss not mine, well I haven't lost but gained valuable interview experience and I'm seeing all these as "practice" jobs until I find The One Job, the Job to rule them all.

Luckily my phone is still hanging on in there and I'm able to post and search for jobs from the comfort of my own tin roofed shack.

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