Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting on with getting on

Feels like quite a few weeks seem to have past since I last sat down to write this. It's not that I don't love you all........... honest I do................. really it's just that what with early starts, planning road trips, searching for a van, starting my latest and largest tattoo project (this is what I am excited the most about) I've started drawing again and I don't know why I stop doing something I get so much enjoyment from.

Well I (and most other staff) were right about dumb & dumber the bar staff they are awful one is just new to bar work but the other one (the one who ran a bar (on Facebook) is arrogant, annoying, manipulative and something else but she doesn't really speak to me as there is nothing she can use me for, she has on the other hand got Mark running round doing little jobs for her, it's a bit pathetic and none of my business but I told him I'll throw that dammed coffee cup in the fire if he goes back to the house to get her a drink whilst she's working. She's not done any of us a favour so I have no idea why he's doing her some. Don't get me started on what happened on a skimpy night the other week and another night we had just started playing pool and after putting money is the jukebox she went n turned the fucker off she is also not against potting peoples balls whilst they are playing and taking their drinks off them. I think that she might just get her lips kicked off before her time here is over.

My health is doing well, I've started doing some regular exercise, do nebs, and take most of the medication I'm supposed to. I must admit I go through phases of looking after myself well and then drop off after a few weeks/months never years not yet managed to look after myself well for that long consistently but I do hope that this is the start of a good year. I did start taking most of my meds more after we set off in Dec but since being in Australia and having some kind of routine even when I had no job there was a routine and having my meds was part of that and then since having a job doing my nebs and starting some exercise has been part of that routine and I do feel better for it even though the rough weather we've been having here has made my chest a bit more productive but I noticed when travelling that after heavy rain this happens. I never noticed that back home as it rains quite a lot, that coupled with not actually being the most compliant of patients means that getting away form home has given me the chance to notice this and when I get back home I don't know how I'm going to manage that. Maybe being more compliant will be enough and the environmental factors won't be that much of an issue. Guess we'll only find that out when I do return for good.

I think just one day off a week might be a bit too much but it's not forever, if it was then I would get run down eventually but not having to commute is a bonus so its not like having a real job yet even though it is a shit load of hours.

This weeks photos are a few of the drawings I've done the past week or so, enjoy. I hope to have a few more of out and about next time as I have a trip to the Pinnacles in mind and as soon as my licence arrives I'll be taking a trip down there with Rahrah. A nice afternoon with a picnic and some good weather would be nice as almost every time we plan to do something the clouds descend and we have a good time but the photo opportunities are limited.
Coral and Seahorse

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