Friday, October 12, 2012

This post, that post. Next post please

Well I can only offer my sincerest apologies for there being no painting a the end of my last post, that was the problem of living in the middle of the (wait for it) Nullabor, yeah I thought not you have no idea what the fuck that is and neither did I, until I ended up working there for almost three weeks (by far my shortest tenure in a paid position) apparently it's a rather daunting stretch of desert/pain in my arse/highway that is ever so difficult to cross unless like many a modern traveller you have an automobile then it just becomes a game of when your gonna pay the most for fuel and how much are they gonna screw you over? Turns out it was the place where I worked that was the most expensive for pretty much everything, thank's in part to one of the managers saying if there are two prices re price everything the higher one even if it's wrong what a twat.

Anyway let's get down to business that's why your here after all. Well what started out as a rather rage filled post aimed towards my previous landlord (a fifty something ex con with door issues), my now ex-employers (I am ever so glad to have escaped that awful place, overtly patronising management one of whom I can only assume could be categorised on the autism scale as I not once witnessed him have a conversation with anyone he just talked at people anyway this is becoming a rather long bracketed part of the post so I'll end this here) and I was sure there was another thing that was filling my mind, body and soul with rage but seeing as I've forgotten it can't have been all that important. 

After driving well over a mile 2000km (and whatever that may be in miles*) from the isolated prison known to the world as Border Village WA/SA even google doesn't want you to find it. Some recently arrived inmates told us of a place called Iron Knob so I just had to see that road sign and not only did I see it but spent the night there next on the list is Fanny Bay but that was a rather large detour and we were on a tight schedule. On this rather epic journey we passed though the town where some films were made things like The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and I was supposed to be able to see the space ship that crashed in Pitch Black but that was nowhere to been seen (probably half inched by some scoundrels, no doubt)

And so after a few days of driving, the car overheating at one point cos I thought that so long as the thingy was in the "normal" range everything was fine turns out that's not the case when your pushing the car to it's limits for most of the day (Betty, that's the car btw won't even make 170km so that's less than 100 miles an hour) so she needed a drink n a cool down it is a good job I decided to stop there anyway. Oh and just in case you were wondering yes I have seen a kangaroo I've seen lots and a few wombats, all the latter were dead and probably 90% of the former too. Yeah there's not much alive round these parts not even the owl that unceremoniously flew in to the car in the night although I did miss a few lizards that were warming themselves on the tarmac and after a short detour we saw a few whales off the coast it's the end of the breeding or calfing season (when they give birth) but some must be lazy fuckers tired new mothers as they were still knocking about, quite a lovely experience really although they didn't "preform" as much as some would like but that's nature for ya (I have another brilliant tragic nature story I'll retell next time, with pictures). So after all that malarkey we arrived in our latest and (so far) greatest home in Australia and that is Alice Springs not too big n spread out, a la Perth and not just the complete arse end middle of nowhere. With sponsorship on the horizon it may be home for some time to come but as soon as I find a job n get a routine I'm sure it will all slot in to place. 

Oh and this week I will definitely contact the local hospital as I apparently need my HSBC1 checking regular like now I'm "on the threshold" (anyone who knows the real blood sugar test name please let me know in the comments section) there is no dedicated CF unit I already checked that so will just have to wing it, not that I'm not used to that quite a bit of my existence up until recently has been winged, wunged? I dunno what the past tense for winging it is so I'll just leave it at that.

Take it easy, I know I fucking do and don't be too hard on yourself I know I fucking am.

* it's about 1346 miles

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