Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well as recent posts suggest I have been a little hacked off about the work situation. The sea cucumber farm guys have finally gotten back in touch and they wont be around until mid April, pisstaking bastards, so after searching work away again I came across one that we had messaged back in December as the plan has always been to stop and work for a month or two to save enough to get a camper van when we arrive in Oz.

We've sent out a few messages and only got replies from a few, some of which were in Oz so we were really messaging ahead of time but I looked at a place again and a few of the pictures they seemed familiar, the reason for this is that quite unexpectedly we have found ourselves staying the the exact hostel we applied to work in at the back end of 2011, I asked the owner Jack if this was indeed his listing on the site and he said it was and he told me that after a few bad experiences with employing couples he no longer took them on. But after having a chat with him this morning he might be mulling it over as the problems he has had seem to be all situations involving the guy half of these couples getting a little too friendly with the local girls after a few beers argument ensues and he had to politely ask them to leave and seeing as I don't drink any more this won't be an issue he will have to deal with.

Fingers crossed we have found a place to chill out for a bit and coordinate our attack on the country that is Australia.

Hopefully will be far too busy (2-4 hours a day) working in this sleepy, laid back hostel to post many more updates but I will.

I promise.

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