Monday, March 12, 2012

Led a merry dance...... Best thing to happen

Well after Jack leading me to believe that we had employment here in Labuan, turns out we don't some "help" is on it's way here but they have yet to turn up and I'm pretty sure that some of this help was the help that let him down a few months ago. Well you can't should't trust a lot of people based on what they say to you.

So what this means is that after yet another let down here in South East Asia we're heading to Australia the land of big earnings (well that's what quite a few people have told me) only se7en days now and let the job hunting begin. With no real trade and not being the most physically fit person I don't think it's going to be as easy as many other people find it. Lots of people have had demanding farm jobs which I guess are very physically draining. So I'm looking at almost any other kind of job, actually looking at getting a forklift licence and working in warehouses there seems to be quite a few positions going for that kind of work. It's something different and while I'm sure the inside of a warehouse won't change day by day the job won't be boring for quite some time as it'll all be new to me. Means to an end, means to an end. Quite what that end is I'm not 100% sure but one thing I am sure of is that many ends require cold hard cash and that has to be earned.

So that's the imminent plan we've got a place to stay for a few days once we arrive thanks to that great website couchsurfing. Then it's arrange bank accounts, tax numbers, medicare, ect. All the really boring stuff that just needs to be done after that we can get to exploring a little bit of Perth (that's where were headed first) the itinerary hasn't been finalised but that's what makes it all so exciting, the only certainties are that we will be saving for a camper van so that our travels are not restricted to bus routes as we like to find our own way.

One piece of advice if you ever, ever stay in a place that asks you to take your shoes off at the door (there are many of them out here) TAKE THEM WITH YOU, do not leave them in the rack as I did and have done in many other places but never with my FiveFingers. I thought his place would be safe as not many people have been coming and going but two days ago when I went to put my shoes on the rack was empty and the only person who had left that morning was a Belgian! but really why steal shoes? I'll admit that they are great shoes, a Pair of these set me back a fair few pennies and I was quite angry at the time but can't really hold on to that it's not healthy, not at all. If he didn't have pretty much the same size feet as me they'll be uncomfortable as hell that'll teach learn him a lesson (yes I'm aware it should be teach). Right I'll stop ranting like a drivelling loon, I probably could've gone on much more had I written this on the day as my facebook and twitter feeds will attest to #internationalmanhunt might not have been a wise hashtag but I'm done with it now, I'm over it, can you tell?

So that's that really go back to mainland Borneo today, head back to KL on Thursday then see a few things round there we have yet to visit despite spending quite a lot of time there the past few months and the final flight for awhile this year is, as mentioned a week from today is to Perth. Might even get to squeeze in some sea walking before Thursday as I'm pretty sure SCUBA is out of the question with the coughing that happens occasionally, especially after spending time in air con rooms.

Even managed to get a few links in this post. If you've read any of our previous exploits then you'll know I'm not totally new to this blogging game but by no means am I an expert or even intermediate.

So as the title of this particular set of words suggests a merry dance was probably the best thing to happen to us as it means we are now on our way to pastures new and not hanging around waiting for a job that never was. 

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