Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Horizons

I think a central justification will be how I sausage roll from now on, makes me feel like what I'm writing is more important than it probably is.
Well it has been some time since I decided to start this travelblog and I haven't really committed have I, I have started many posts whilst on the move on my phone but then the moment passes before I have WiFi access and I delete it. Since I was last blogging I have had a few ups and downs but things are starting to move forward and I can see the new horizons ahead. Travelling through Borneo looking for work as the guy who said he'd employ us hasn't been in contact so as frustrating as it is we need to search for something, anything and have had a few ideas, offers and sent out a few emails. So fingers crossed one of those avenues bears fruit. 
A few weeks ago I was in a national park in Sarawak, the day before we had stopped on the walkway to the trails because we saw a bearded pig in the mangroves then we spotted fiddler crabs and being the amateur photographer I wanted to get a little closer for some good shots, this wasn't the time though as we had a trail to tackle and tackle we did. The "waterfall" was so not worth the hours trekking up and through forested tracks but the beach a few hundred meters further on (a few extremely steep meters further on I, not might add, I DO add) did make the whole sweaty experience worth it and also the bumpy to fuck, expensive and slightly scary boat ride back to park HQ this is what conspired against me getting the close ups of those crabs so I was determined to get there before we left the next day. 
Did the torrential, tropical storm stop me? No because while I might not be a professional I like to get a job done and whilst crouched low in the mangrove near the high walkway we wandered down the previous morning waiting for the little bleeders to exit their holes in the sand. I waited and waited and then waited some more until eventually they slowly came out to feed or fight or whatever else they wanted to do until........... yep I coughed an almighty cough and scared the gits right back where they'd emerged from, so I waited and waited and you get the picture but eventually I did manage to get a few good snaps before coughing again and just as I was thinking about leaving a park warden or ranger (whichever) who was leading a group along the walkway asked me in an accusatory or inquisitive manner depends on how you look at it if I was down there, in the mud, "conducting research" I mean really a skinhead with flowery shorts, a camera and flip-flops conducting research. I wish I was quicker off the mark and had brashly replied in the affirmative but I was not and I was told to leave the area as it was not for visitors to the park. Seems pretty silly to have a national park fenced in then tell people that whilst you have paid to get on to this side of the fence you still can't actually go everywhere within that fence, anyway at least they didn't ban me for life because I might want to go back one day and see their non-waterfall again or the nob-faced/proboscis monkeys (I didn't manage to get a pic of one of them yet)

It may have come to your attention (and if it hadn't I am bringing it to you now) that half way through I changed back to the more traditional left justification, central justification may, I think, look more important but when only one or two words are left hanging in the middle of the page it just looks rather silly so I'm sticking with tradition on this front from now on.

As I started this post looking for work I'll finish it by mentioning that I just checked and none of the avenues have fruit yet, let alone ripe enough to pick.

Happy trails to anyone who happens to read this.

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