Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Suppose I should start with I got my Visa in time! ! ! less than 24 hours before we were due to fly the Australian immigration people kindly granted my application for a Working Holiday Visa so.......  Fan-fucking-tastic! *edited in after 1st posting* don't think I needed to tell you that but I had forgotten that I hadn't posted a congratulatory post for myself.

Ok so it has been over a week since I last got down to posting and I did say that I was going to take this blogging thing a little more seriously so I will be posting a regular update/post/whatever the fuck you call it every Friday (Australia time) not sure what time on a Friday as I do hope to be working soon.

Well as you may have gathered we made it to Perth (not the one in Scotland) and after finding a place to live, filed for tax numbers, applied for Medicare and settled in a little, the great Australian job hunt began. With me not having been particularly active in the job market for a number of years I do hope that I can find something. The applications and phone calls are fast and furious along side this finding some kind of transport is kind of essential as public transport is pricey. 

I will now have a mini rant about a car I successfully won on a popular auction site. Two whole days ago I won a suitable vehicle on said site and immediately contacted the seller with my details so we could arrange pick up of the car and............ nothing, not a sausage I feel the guy is ducking because the car has a book value of around AU$1700 and I won for the princely sum of AU$310. This I attest is the reason I have been  ignored by the seller who is no stranger to selling as the car has been reposted due to an out of state buyer. I am no out of state buyer I am very clearly instate (and told him so before I even won). Anyway that's not as heated as I might have been but there is nothing I can do about it so mini rant over.

Last week also saw me visiting a CF clinic out here. I was told a couple of doc's from the UK were there and were very interested in knowing where I was from (must be a bit slow round 'ere I think as I'm not that interesting) anyway I saw the usual odd n bods physio, dietitian, nurse, and a doc from the UK I did recognise her but not the name I'm crap with names I was given some extra antibiotics and after being kept waiting for a standard amount of time, for a clinic appointment I was told I didn't need any iv's just yet and so I toddled off all in all 5 fucking hours was spent getting to, from and attending clinic *I NEED A CAR* 
The dietitian was most surprising I guess as I have never really had a great weight, its low I know that but he was like "you are severely underweight and you cant afford to lose any more kgs" he saw the look on my face, I was not impressed as I had lost 2kg but I know that I am not dangerously under weight although he did have a couple of students in and might have been trying to emphasise a point or something for their benefit, cos it definitely wasn't for mine. I'll ask him next week as that is when I have to return to see if these antibiotics have made a difference in my LF.

So I'm still thinking about a little bio post with a little history my story if you will although I must make it clear that I am not my history it is just a series of events that has led me to be who I am now and often the story changes depending on what I may want to emphasise but that's the nature of stories all that matters is who I am now and while undoubtedly influenced by my past I am capable of change and able to shape who I am now in to the person I most want to be.

Right well seeing as my TFN (Tax File Number) arrived yesterday its time to go get a bank account so that when I do finally find employment I can be paid in cash not in buttons or bits of string.

Enjoy the weekend and coming week! 

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