Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Broken Heart..................

well a broken Powerball actually but thought that title might entice a few readers, having found out that I now have two followers of this (until recently neglected) blog. Back to the powerball it's just a ball which I use for lazy exercise (that's right my first oxymoron) well not just a ball but you've got the internet at your fingertips so if you wanna know more google it.

I am lamenting the death of my most enjoyed exercise device and whilst travelling my only one, it got wet a few days ago and after moving around I dug it out and decided to have a go....... I wound it up and started, well tried to it just stopped. After a few attempts and a little consoling from Rahrah (that's my long suffering partner(only suffering being with me)) I was not going to let this lie as I have no idea of when I'll be able to replace it so a quick search and I tentitively took it to pieces and cleaned it up inside, it was so grimey dunno how it's been spinning freely with all that muck in there. So now I was confident my exercise toy was resurrected I wound it up and............. same. "it's FUCKED!!!!!" I said (I swear..... a lot) and disassembled and reassembled it a few more times and it seems to now work when it feels like. Better that than not at all and hopefully will last until I can replace or really mend it.

Being motivated to exercise at home isn't always the easiest, I dropped off from going the gym last oct/nov after I had my inFLUenza jab just felt like rubbish crap for a few days then all my previous motivation had evaporated, so I was more determind to keep up some sort of activity whilst travelling and Powerball was it, along with hauling my backpack (a good 15-16kg depending on which airport you ask) hither and thither mostly full of copious amounts of drugs medication (all legal n above board) and hardly any clothes and we picked up a skipping rope but after trying that a few weeks ago I've opted to give that a miss for a while ( I do need some cardio though) anyway where was I....

Oh yeah motivation that was it so now finding that job seems even more important so I can settle for a few weeks and find a gym, get a routine (not that I ever had one before but I've heard good things about them) get stay well, well well enough to keep away from the UK. Don't get me wrong I love where I'm from but it gets a bit samey doent it? I found an insurnace company that said they'd cover me (including CF, I have a little trave linsurance rant I'll post in a few) for up to 18 months yeah you read that right EIGHTEEN FUCKING MONTHS a whole year and a half away, travelling, working, exploring, experiencing and living a life that I think one day might not be possible.

The last few days weeks lots of talk of the future has been bandied around between the two of us and I have to accept that one day I might not be able to get to these places, well not easily anyway, so 18 months is a massive chunk of time to see and do many things.

Thinking I may have to do a sort of bio/life story post sooner or later but I'll mull that over and if it appears then you'll know the decision I came to (that's anticipation for ya right there) but bear in mind that my history is just a story I tell to let you know how I got to where I am now

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