Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Please accept my sincerest apologies about the chopping and changing, shuffling around and general mishmash set up of this blog. I still ain't got used to it all but I'll just keep on keeping on.

Still pondering that history/life story post. Might just make it a separate page as it's not all relevant but just jumping in to someone's life can take a few things out of context n shit stuff so I will be penning a draft which will more likely than not go through several proof reads and edits and re-edits before I am a happy enough for others to view it in all it's debauched, fun loving, tedious, up beat, depressing, exciting, mundane, ordinary (for me) glory!

Fucking hell Blinking heck four posts in a day. I might just be gettin the hang of this lark. 

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  1. love the site and the blog "despite the illness you are living your dreams" top man